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Work-Life Balance – All you need to know

Work-Life Balance - All you need to know

The potential to have a sense of control and to stay productive and competitive at work, while maintaining a happy & healthy home life with sufficient leisure is known as work-life balance, a trait not everybody has. Work-life balance is all about attaining focus and awareness, despite seemingly endless tasks and activities competing for your time and attention.

Work-life balance involves having some breathing space for yourself, feeling a sense of achievement each day, while not being devoured by work. Its of prime importance to have an enjoyable domestic life without risking your long term and short term career goals.

Work-Life Balance - All you need to know

Work-life balance is not a decision you make alone. You have to confront how your choices affect a myriad of others. But if you don’t fulfill your own joy with your plan, all the balance in the world is just duty. One day, you’ll wake up and find yourself in a special kind of hell, here everyone is happy but you.And that doesn’t do anyone any good.

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Outside of work, clarify what you want from life. At work, clarify what your boss wants, and understand that, if you want to get ahead, what he or she wants comes first. You can eventually get what you both want, but the arrangement will be negotiated in that context. Make sure you work in a supportive culture where performance matters and you can earn flexibility with great results.


Work-Life Balance - All you need to know

Achieving a perfect work-life balance is hard and at the same it is a continuous process. Getting it right is iterative. You get better at it with experience and observation, and eventually, after some time passes, you notice it’s not getting harder anymore. It’s just what you do.

Work-life balance means making choices and trade-offs, and living with their consequences. It’s that simple—and that complex. Just remember, you are not in this alone. Your company also feels the impact of your choices and actions. And with that in mind, lets see how it works.

Work-Life Balance - All you need to know


  • Your boss’s top priority is competitiveness. Of course he wants you to be happy, but only inasmuch as it helps the company win. In fact, if he is doing his job right, he is making your job so exciting that your personal life becomes less appealing..


  • Most bosses are perfectly willing to accommodate work-life balance challenges if you have earned it with performance.The key word here is: if.


  • Bosses know that the work-life policies in the company brochure are mainly for recruiting purposes and that real work-life arrangements are negotiated one-on-one in the context of a supportive culture, not in the context of “But the company says . . . !”


  • People who publicly struggle with work-life balance problems and continually turn to the company for help get pigeonholed as ambivalent, entitled, uncommitted, or incompetent—or all of the above.


  • Even the most accommodating bosses believe that work-life balance is your problem to solve. In fact, most know that there are really just a handful of effective strategies to do that, and they wish you would use them

Work-Life Balance - All you need to know

Final Thoughts

Work-life balance involves making trade-offs, and decent people are obliged to deliver
on their commitments to home and work. But if you craft a work-life balance plan where you are having no fun, chances are you won’t be able to sustain it.

You have to make sure your work-life balance plan fulfills your dreams and passions. If that means working a lot, do it. If that means being home every night, let that happen too. Yes, you have to be responsible to those around you, but you can’t live someone else’s concept of your life in the name of balance.

Inspired by “Winning” from Jack Welch