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Understanding Ramadan Spirit Through Ramadan Transmissions – But Are We Ready Yet?

RAMADAN 2017 is almost among us and by now most of the channels have finalized the transmission and their respective hosts are ready to deliver their best of subtle religious and light entertainment to viewers.

Undoubtedly, Ramadan is one of the most prestigious occasions not only in religious terms, it is highly valuable in electronic media, in terms of ratings and revenue. it is also a month full of giveaways and happening events for the viewers of Ramadan transmissions.

Ramadan Transmissions in 2017:

ARY is again proving to be in the right direction with good strategic planning. This year, ARY is ready to lead with the most popular personality who proved himself with his hard work & focused targets last year, Mr.Waseem Badami along with Iqrar-ul-Hasan. To fill the loss of our beloved late JUNAID JAMSHED, ARY is set to bring Shahid Afridi onto small screen. As a first timer, we hope he brings magic with his charismatic personality.

Understanding Ramadan Spirit Through Ramadan Transmissions

GEO  is all set to air with the popular & Pakistan’s most favorite personality BUSHRA AAPA (Bushra Ansari) and none other than Noman Ejaz as they both have the potential and talent to bring a healthy change in Ramadan Transmissions. The special hosts for the whole series however include Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhtar, Bushra Ansari, Nauman Ejaz, Farhana Owais and Shafaat Ali.

Understanding Ramadan Spirit Through Ramadan Transmissions

Maya Khan is coming back this Ramadan with a special transmission titled as “Ramadan Ishq Hai”, and this time, she will be on 24 News. Carrying the main essence of the NGO’s mission to help those in needy, Maya and her team are back to spread love, harmony, peace, acceptance, and compassion amongst everyone.

Understanding Ramadan Spirit Through Ramadan Transmissions

But the question is, are we being directed towards the accurate spirit of Ramadan through these shows?

The Hypocrisy

Let’s ask ourselves. Are these shows actually awakening our inner muslim in the right way? Are we actually feeling more spiritually active? Aren’t we more into winning giveaways and being more entertained by the alluring prizes?

Let’s highlight it this way. Why do we see all women hosts suddenly covering their head in the Ramadan transmissions and not throughout the year. Isn’t the practice of Islam to be standardized throughout the 12 months of a year? We observe the hosts wearing top notch designer wears in the shows while sitting on the chair and talking about simplicity in life. How can you as a viewer justify the act?

What should we do as a true Muslim?

We cannot run away from the culture that society has embedded in us, however we have full authority and Allah SWT has blessed each human with the power to analyse and understand the religion rather than blindly following it. Let’s promise as a society to follow the below practices;

  • Be more humble and generous not only towards Muslims who fast but also to minorities who respect Islam. They shouldn’t be forced to starve while you are fasting in the name of Allah.
  • Be more kind towards elders and children who are looking up to us and demand respect while they are trying their best to fast like good muslims.
  • Do watch the TV shows but do not blindly follow the practices rather analyze your faith and implement the teachings of Holy Prophet in your daily lives.
  • Do not only starve your stomach in the name of Allah SWT but also prevent hurting people through your tongue and your deeds. Be polite.
  • Control your anger. There is nothing worse than letting out your frustration on fellow muslims and minorities while you’re fasting.

Wish you a happy and blessed Ramadan Kareem! 🙂