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Times when a Pakistani mother asks ‘Beta Khana Khaya’?

Times when a Pakistani mother asks ‘Beta Khana Khaya’?

Mothers are unique in their own way. Allah SWT has created mothers with special powers. They love and care for their family until their last breath. We can never define what she is in few words. Mothers all around the world look after their children, protect them and nourish them. But here I want to talk particularly about a Pakistani Mother.

Undoubtedly, Pakistani Mothers (Ammi jee’s) are super awesome, but there are things about Pakistani mothers that we can never change.  Out of all the other ways they take care of their children, the most important is khana (food). Oh yes our Pakistani Mothers are so obsessed with food and always worry about their children’s meals that whenever her child comes home from anywhere. The first question she asks is ‘beta Khana khaya’?. Have you had your food?

Times when a Pakistani mother asks ‘Beta Khana Khaya’?


This is not it, the question is asked so she can tell you that she has made your favorite dish with her own hands, yes she is obsessed with cooking too, no matter what but she definitely will cook for you.

Let’s have a look at times when she never escapes to enquire about your meal times, this starts right from beginning.

School Life: once you outgrow her lap, she starts worrying more about you. During your school age she packs the lunch box for you, the moment you come back from school, ammi checks your lunch box and to her expectation the lunch box is not empty. There she goes, ‘beta khaya nahi tumne lunch’?.

Then she serves you nicely, feeds you and makes sure you eat well at lunch and dinner. And this goes on until you finish your studies and get a job. This ‘khana khaya’ question was always there during college, university and whatever place or institution you went for your studies.

Work Life: Now that you are fully grown up and a sensible adult who is struggling with work life, who knows how to take care of yourself, but your mother is still the same. She still worries the same amount about your meals as she was doing in your infancy.

You are coming home after a tiring day at work, and mom asks, ‘beta office mein lunch kar lia tha na’? Sigh!  If not, she invites you for her own cooked food and feed you with all her love.

Times when a Pakistani mother asks ‘Beta Khana Khaya’?

Returning from a trip or so: These are the times most difficult for her when you are away from home for some business or leisure trip. Along with all the other reasons to worry about, one of them is to think about your food and diet. ‘Pata nahi mere bachay/bachi ne khana sahi se khaya hoga ya nahi’. She wonders whether you are getting good service and food at the place where you are staying or not.

On your return, no matter what mode of transport you used, bus, train or aeroplane (you get meals in there). She is all ready and set to welcome you with her food. So she can sleep well that night, knowing her child has had a good dinner or lunch.

After Marriage: This is the major turning point in mother’s life, now that she knows her child is directly not under her supervision and care. Whether a boy or a girl, she doesn’t forget about their food and mealtimes. Whenever a mother gets a chance, she cooks for her children.

A married daughter is always sent back to her husband’s house with 2,3 dishes of her mother’s hands. On the other hand, a married son is pampered to the level as if his wife never cooks for him.

Beta or beti, ammi is always there to feed the world to them. Beta nashta kiya? Beta khana khaya? This goes on till her last breath.

Times when a Pakistani mother asks ‘Beta Khana Khaya’?


For our Mothers, cooking is Love made Edible. They express and show their love in the form of Roti and Chawal. Cooking favorite dishes of their kids and feeding them well is the first thing on their mind when they wake up in the morning and probably the last (thinking about next day) when they go back to sleep at night.

So cherish and value your mother always. They are Allah SWT’s greatest blessing. And there is no love like theirs anywhere else in the world.


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  • Kanza Khalil

    Thumbs up to all mothers.. just add one thing here.. that a mother can never see her child as a overweight individual.. she will always look at them as a skinniest bacha of the world no matter how mota moti he or she is😍 #mother_love

    • Shehzeen

      True that ! This is going to be another long topic. Every bacha is a prince/princess to their mother 😊