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Struggle In Life – A Perpetual Process

Struggle - A Perpetual Process

Defining struggle is a challenging feat, tough to explain and difficult to understand, or sometimes a question to ask, What’s Struggle?

Struggle is when people ask you why you don’t quit and you don’t know the answer. Struggle is when you are having a conversation with someone and you can’t hear a word that they are saying because all you can hear is The Struggle. Struggle is when you are surrounded by people and you are all alone. The Struggle has no mercy. Struggle is not failure, but it causes failure. Especially if you are weak. Always if you are weak.

Life is struggle. —Karl Marx

Struggle is not only about success or failure, it makes your strength and patience to grow positively, it’s a process of overcoming problems in your life. Struggle is a clever device through which you develop, expand and progress.

Struggle - A Perpetual Process
It’s either a trauma or a fantastic experience, depending on your attitude toward it. Your success is impossible even unthinkable WITHOUT it.

Struggle is like breathing, it remains with you from birth to death, it is quite literally an unbroken chain of growing, unavoidable circumstances. Right from the education you receive to a career you opt for, struggle is cumulative. You get it a little at a time, from each and every experience you encounter.

When you meet struggle and master it, you shall have the strength and wisdom sufficient to face it with courage.The strongest trees in the forest aren’t those trees which are most protected. The strongest trees are the ones which must struggle against the forces of mother nature and other trees and surmount them against the odds to survive.

Human struggle is no different, you also need to struggle in similar way, against all odds, it will make your human spirit toughened. Most people will try and go through life by following the path of least resistance, wanting to be protected along the way.

Struggle - A Perpetual Process
River is a good example, flowing water doesn’t struggle against the obstacles it faces, and it makes the water to turn and meander. When a  river finds the water flow tough going, it turns to the easiest path instead of fighting to go in the direction it was intending to head-in in the first place.

Struggle gives strength to your character, it’s a byproduct of hard work, you could be tempted to flow through your life with very little purpose or any real goal. Therefore, it’s imperative to understand the broad purpose of life, accept your struggles for what they truly are, these are your golden opportunities for a successful life.

Struggle is something which keeps you going, pushes you to move when you would otherwise stand still. Struggle steer you to the eventual realization of the fact that your success is only based on your struggles in life.Nothing worthwhile in your life will ever be achieved without you first experiencing a struggle. If success was so easy, everyone would be able to do it.

Struggle - A Perpetual Process
All those success stories around you, all those real winners, you will find one thing common among all of them, that they struggled in their life and overcome it. Life is a struggle and the rewards you get are from meeting your difficulties head on, face to face, overcoming them and moving onto your next struggle along your stepping stone to success.

Be honest with yourself, become as transparent as as crystal clear water and you will soon find your struggles turning into one success after the other. You will face many struggles along the way, many of you will not succeed but the show must go on.

  • Safa Danish

    Life is a continuous struggle.

  • Shehzeen Ammar

    Life is a name of struggle.. from birth till death.. there are many things people struggle about in one way or other.. even the life support device shows a flat line when a person is dead.. so whether up or down it continues and struggle is the key to success which may seem like a failure for some time.. but one will succeed … definitely.

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