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Smartphone Addiction – Affecting Adults & Children, From Stress to Sleeplessness

Smartphone Addiction - Affecting Adults & Children, From Stress to Sleeplessness

The cell phone was looked upon as a status symbol for the privileged class when it first appeared on the scene in the early 1990s. Nearly a quarter century on, it has become so commonplace that no living and breathing human being can be imagined not owning a cell phone, except perhaps for a few house-wives, and this phenomenon has given rise to what we call today the ‘smartphone addiction’.

So are you in habit of constantly checking your cellphone for email alerts, Facebook, tweets, news updates, and the weather? There would hardly be a few people who would say ‘no’ to the above question. Then you are seriously infected !!!

Simply saying, smartphone addiction is not a disease that can be cured, in fact smartphone addiction is something that cannot be lessened (at least under normal circumstances) no matter how hard you try. And this smartphone addiction is viral. You will find it everywhere you go.

Intentionally or unintentionally we are compelled to look at the screens of our smartphones every five or so minutes and if there is no update or news, then it means that something is definitely wrong with our phone. 🙂


Smartphone Addiction - Affecting Adults & Children, From Stress to Sleeplessness


On the contrary, the ubiquitous use of mobile phone is also not devoid of a negative impact especially for the youth, keeping them deprived of full concentration on their studies and jobs, also posing sometimes serious traffic and health hazards.

Beyond doubt, communication technology has turned the world into a global village by linking far-flung areas and connecting people beyond cultural divides and geographical boundaries, while on the other hand it is also becoming a growing addiction a.k.a smartphone addiction, among the youth and teenagers.

The unnecessary use, rather misuse, of mobile phone is not only giving rise to psychological disorders and mental anxiety but also affecting eyesight and hearing ability of the users.

The unsparing spent of substantial time using the mobile phone is an abuse of the device which has adversely affects teenagers’ personalities, who tend to neglect important activities including jobs and studies besides drifting away from close family circle.

There is no time for switching off the phone – day and night busy and playing with phone has also disturbed the sleeping hours, duration and eating habits among the new generation.

The superfluous use of mobile phone for talking and listening loud music on headphone while charging is dangerous for the users. The youth and school going children in particular were obsessed with the device, and had become habitual of using mobile phone all the time, whether it was the last thing before falling asleep or the first after waking up in the morning.

Smartphone Addiction - Affecting Adults & Children, From Stress to Sleeplessness


Smartphone addiction in Children – On the verge of irreversible eye damage

Now a days with busy lifestyle and natural desire to inclined towards finding easy ways out to perform difficult jobs, most parents find it easy to hand over a cell phone or tablet to crying and irritating toddler, this is a dose of instant relief for both the parties, but have you ever imagined of those long term damaging effects on your child, down the line?

The experts have discouraged screening by children younger than age 2 and advised to limit time to maximum one or two hours a day for younger children to avoid health hazards.

Children who use smartphones and tablets are at risk of potential irreversible eye damage because of blue light emissions from digital devices. Exposure in children could possibly lead to early onset macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness for those over 50 or earlier.

Smartphone addiction can also lead to early cataract in lens apart from affecting retina, cornea and other ocular systems of the eye. Parents should make sure that their kids have a wide variety of free-time activities like reading, playing with friends, and sports, which can all play a vital part in helping them develop a healthy body and mind.


Final Words

The introduction of technology and has no doubt, solved our problems, answered the hardest of questions, and humans have made unprecedented growth with extreme usage of technology and computers, and smart phone is no exception, it is a gadget in your palms that gives you access to the world, no one can deny the fact that smartphones have made their life easy and well-connected.

But this ease with excess usage poses a great threat to the mankind and our future generations. We have to take caution as early as we can before it’s too late, keep an eye on your kids and people around you to make balance and moderate use of smartphones, so we should not become slaves to this hand-held device.