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Serene Air – A New Bird in Pakistani Skies

Serene  Air – An Islamabad based privately owned airlines commenced it flights operations in January 2017, with first flight between Karachi and Islamabad after securing its license from CAA.

Serene  Air is currently offering flights between;

Karachi – Faisalabad – Lahore – Peshawar – Quetta

Islamabad – Peshawar – Quetta

Serene Air has also plans to grow its network to eight points in Pakistan, adding Multan and Skardu, before expanding further and then diving into the international market.

The newly launched airliner is seeking to distinguish from its rivals by having customer centric approach keeping a strong focus on customer service and reliability through its operation of very young fleet.

Serene Air - A New Bird in Pakistani Skies


Fleet Size:

Serene Air fleet Comprises 3 Boeing 737-800 aircraft which are world renowned for their efficiency, safety record, and innovative design features. Serene Air has plans to subsequently add more domestic destinations.

International Operations are planned to start after successfully completing one year mandatory period of domestic Operations.


Customer Service

Serene Air describes itself as a “premium airline on a mission to rejuvenate domestic flying experiences,” offering pre-allocated seating and offering a full meal service on-board with menus being refreshed on a daily basis.

Serene Air promises its customers quality and excellence in service through its efficient ground staff to provide hassle free reservations and check in, timely arrivals at destinations with enhanced safety by aircrew trained in flying from Boeing Corporation.

Specially prepared meals and snacks served by courteous, caring and polite cabin crew, all of which will combine to ensure a flying experience that will exceed expectations. Serene Air promises its client to experience serenity in air like never before.



Serene Air before its launch made promises about being competitive yet affordable, providing best value for money, and so far they lived up to their promise.

Serene Air provides excellent value for money by giving freedom on choice of various baggage options, also allows passengers to bring two pieces of check-in baggage up to 32kg.

Serene Air is the First airline in private sector to offer a family package where in the infant child and families are given unparalleled concessions which is a very appealing offer for those who travel with families, this offer will surely give this airliner an edge in the industry.

Serene Air also provides family and children discount if you travel with children between the age of 2-11 years and if you travel with a family of 5 or more persons, off-course an excellent bargain offer.


Serene Air - A New Bird in Pakistani Skies


Serene Air’s Future

The airline has started off very well, much good has been said about the operations and performance of the airliner, but it’s not easy to stay competitive in airline business.

Serene Air has to maintain its quality and timely service, they have to make progress not only in flight operations but in fleet size as well, if airliner has a vision to  explore the horizons of international market, they have to make right and timely decisions.

While we have seen rise and fall of many domestic airlines in the past like Aero Asia and Bhoja Air , we expect that this airline will not repeat those mistakes and will give a tough competition to those who are already in the business.

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