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Pakistan’s Elite – A True Example of Hypocrisy

Pakistan’s Elite - A True Example of Hypocrisy

Since 1947, it’s been nearly seven decades when Pakistan gained Independence, during this period, Pakistan has gone through various transitions. From the industrialization era of dictator Ayub Khan to socialist mindset of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, from Zia-ul-Haq’s Islamisation to Musharraf’s perception of enlightened moderate Pakistan and war on terror, we as a nation have undergone almost all sort of ideologies, system and doctrines.

For most of the younger generation today, they haven’t experienced all these periodic transitions first hand, but it’s not hard to assume that there is only one similarity between all of them – the class divide and rise of Pakistan’s elite class, the broadening gap of rich and poor in our society which rather has remained unchanged throughout these seven decades, but soaring everyday.

Pakistan’s Elite - A True Example of Hypocrisy

We are plagued with problems, terrorism, corruption, population and a lot others, but ever wondered what’s the root cause of our downfall? . Poverty!

Pakistan is no doubt among one of those countries which is blessed with immense natural resources and an impressive passionate youth, but despite of all this we are ruined due to the corrupt political system.

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What shame that a country with 200 million people, with nearly 7.9 million square kilometers of land is not able to feed its own population when nearly two-thirds of the country’s population belongs to agriculture.

A country with one of the best canal system produces bumper crops every year, still most of the people are unable to get enough food.

Pakistan’s Elite - A True Example of Hypocrisy


Yes, corporatocracy, feudal lords, and the real capitalistic society has given birth to an entirely different class called the ‘Elite class’. The reason behind all this food shortage are immense hoarding methods employed by the industrialists and food processing industry in collusion with the establishment, as that too is part and parcel of this whole flawed system.

An agriculture based country continuously faces commodity shortage crisis where poor despite of paying more have to wait in long queues for their turn in the scorching summer heat.

What could be more unfortunate than this, that a country who spent billions on making and acquiring nuclear arsenals is unable to provide basic necessities of life to its masses where more than two-third of population earns less than $2 a day.

Majority of the population doesn’t have access to clean drinking potable water, while a minor chunk of the same population enjoys lavish temperature controlled swimming pools.


Pakistan’s Elite - A True Example of Hypocrisy


We are shortly approaching a mini-famine which can soon result into horrible disasters like that of many African countries, if conditions remain the same. This surely raises questions about the competence of governance system and those billions of dollar which we receive from international community. The massive financial embezzlement of the current and previous governments provides an easy answer to that question.

Pakistan ranks 136 in Human Development Index (HDI) out of 177; as Pakistan’s Elite enjoy great political power in Pakistan and always clinch the top political positions.

Pakistan’s Elite controls, manipulates and dictates the establishment and protects the interests of fellow landlords and industrialists. Democratic process is corrupt and a common man is unable to gain enough political momentum to represent the masses.

Pakistan’s elite classes have virtually taken over every aspect of life and have left no breathing space for the public. Our out-of-control media, which can happen to be a source of aspiration for common men, has already become hostage to filthy rich landlords, corrupt industrialists, human rights activists, and so-called young revolutionaries (born out of elite classes, who are not concerned at all).

Pakistan’s Elite - A True Example of Hypocrisy


Whispering sounds of chaos

The widening gap between rich and poor and continuous rise of Pakistan’s elite has disturbed the social equilibrium of the society and there is much mental disturbance in the masses, there are, however, no chances of a revolution as the Pakistani nation is embroiled in ethnic and political differences and does not have any cohesive properties.
Only religious parties are able to exploit this situation in their favor and are able to recruit a large number of poor mercenaries (by doing some charity work as well). The only solution is to spend magnanimously on health and education, all aid from the government as well as  by the international community should go directly to the masses instead of filling the coffers of the Pakistan’s elite and establishment. An unjust rivalry with India and massive spending on defense is inimical to the growth of Pakistani economy.

In the end, I have a very simple question about the moral standing of these affluent classes. If you are so sympathetic and concerned to the cause of the poor, why don’t you share huge or even small portion of your fortunes with the needy? this can at least help in the social uplift of some people. A common Pakistani is fed up of religious extremism and exploitation by the elite ruling classes; it is sort of a volcano that is about to explode anytime.

  • Safa Danish

    Yes the widening gap between the poor and affluent is alarming. We are approaching a disaster.