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Mastering the art of decoding your girlfriend’s Language

Male Guide to Female Communication

When your girlfriend says one thing, but really means something else and you are suffering from the same situation quite often then you seriously need this piece of advice.

Communication is basic pillar to have a successful relation, it is the most important aspect of any friendship and relationship. But when it comes to female, we have no idea how to communicate(oftenly).

This happens because most of the time men fail to get on the same page, to match the frequency of your female partner you really need to understand the basics from a different perspective.

Male Guide to Female Communication

For all of the men out there, If only you could understand so called confusing brains of women, life would be so much easier and massive fights would be put to an end right away.

First of all, don’t you dare take that “It doesn’t matter” easy, When a women says “it doesn’t matter,” it absolutely DOES MATTER. Here’s an example. If you say to your girlfriend “where do you want to eat tonight?” and she says “it doesn’t matter,” it absolutely does.

You will shortly realize this fact that when you start suggesting restaurants and she continuously turns them down. Yeah you have to guess it, no matter how. What really is happening is she has an idea of what she wants and has five restaurants in mind (even if she doesn’t know it yet). Basically, you have to be a mind reader , a master mind reader !

I can make it really simple for you as women are really not as complicated as you think. You see, each meaning is just the exact opposite of what she says. Therefore, just keep in mind when she says something, use your intuition and try thinking the exact opposite of that.

Lets understand this with a simple example, for instance if you ask her what she wants for her birthday and she tells you, do not think you’re sly and get the opposite of what she said, because most likely she meant it. If she replies with “I don’t care” you can probably guess that she does in fact care. You should know by now what your girlfriend/fiance/wife/etc loves. If not, women always love jewelry. That should help you.  

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