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Importance of Decisions In Life – Right Decisions vs Right Way ?

Importance of Decisions In Life – Right Decisions vs Right Way

Events in life shape us, choices define us. Important decisions determine the outcome of our lives, we are faced with decisions every day, some are mundane while others can be life changing.

If you want life to work out the way you want it, you need to keep track of your decisions and do every effort to make them the right ones, making your decisions in the right way is much more important than taking the right decisions.

It’s not only about the decision you take, your decision are complemented or you can say that they are affected by the way you opt for a particular choice, it’s the thought process that matters the most.

What makes a decision right or wrong, or how can you be sure that the decision you are making is the best decision possible? Decision that will lead you to success? Self reasoning and questioning will be your best friend while making decision in the right way, by doing so you can be certain that you will enjoy success more often than not.Importance of Decisions In Life – Right Decisions vs Right Way

Many people are so afraid of making the wrong decision that they make no decision at all, but in fact taking no decision is also a decision or should i call it wrong decision?. People forget the great power they hold within, that has the potential to shape their life and they ignore the importance of decision making.

Impulsive decisioning and inactivity on the other hand underplays the importance of decisions and choices you make in your life, all you get is immediate output which may or may not give you the long lasting benefits in life, this kind of decisioning will get you nowhere, and procrastination is its number one ally.

“Success and failure are not overnight experiences. It’s the small decisions along the way that cause people to fail or succeed.” – Anthony Robbins

Sometimes we rush into making decisions and regret the choices we make. A hasty decision could lead to long term disappointment. So it’s best you think through everything clearly, but don’t delay to long, because sometimes you’ll go past the point where your decisions matter.

Importance of Decisions In Life – Right Decisions vs Right Way

Right Way of Taking Right Decisions

Honesty is your friend, so foremost be honest with yourself. Whatever choice you are going to make, is this taking you forward ? How will this affect you? Are you prepared for the outcome? Is it really what you are looking for? Is it your own decision or influenced by someone else?.

All these questions let you see the bigger picture of how your decision is going to make or break your life, you’ll be more apt to make decisions based on reality rather than fantasy.

Analyze the aspects, do a detailed analysis of all possible options, a what-if analysis can be a good starting point, take a good look at each side of coin.Not only positive but negative aspects should also be analyzed, jot down the pros and cons of the decision you are going to make. Will this decision make you successful, happier or healthier or otherwise? Compare them both and see which list is longer.

Anticipate Long term, our whole life span is a collection of small decisions that we took on our way, some are short term and are taken solely for achieving short term goals, short term decisions do have their own importance but long term decisions give our life a direction.

Stretch your imagination a bit, but try looking far off into the future. If you make the decision to go ahead with this option how will it change your life in the long run? Long-term benefits may far outweigh the short-term inconveniences. You could make more money, have more prestige, be more successful, and probably be happier.

Follow Your Instincts, sometimes this seems to be most relevant option in life, when all that self reasoning, analysis and foresightedness doesn’t seem to be working, your gut instincts help you make the decisions in right way.

Even the instincts are the byproduct of past experiences, memories, outcomes of past choices, so as you grow your instincts get more stronger, and you can follow them down the line.


Avoid being rushy, don’t jump to conclusions, take your time, sit back, relax and ponder. Don’t let fear hold you back, and don’t let foolishness cause you to leave the right way of taking decisions. By following these suggestions you can be certain that you’ll begin making better and better decisions that will help you live a life of success and happiness.


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