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Dear Women – Stop Whining, Start Living !

Dear Women - Stop Whining, Start Living

The society we belong to is a fusion of different cultures. Everyone has their own traditions. No matter which tribe or caste they belong, our local (Pakistani) women always play the victims by whining literally over everything.

They grumble over their children, husbands, parents, colleagues and sometimes even about their own self. Why are you coming home late? Why are you not listening to me? Why this why that? Why do they whine so much??

Whining and complaining will harm you as much as it is to the person who is listening to your complains. The problem nowadays is that we focus more on complaining rather than solving the issues.

Dear Women - Stop Whining, Start Living

As a consequence, we complain simply to unburden ourselves, not to address the matter or change it, which results in making our complains ineffective.

When we pile up our frustrations and resentments, we feel so irritated and powerless about what we are not getting, ultimately feelings of hopelessness take over.

This doesn’t happen once or twice. Continuous episodes of all these frustrations can aggregate over time and shake our mood, self-respect and can cause mental harm as well.

Dear Women - Stop Whining, Start Living

Things We Complain or Cry About?

Our women generally cry about many things, about in-laws, about their own bodies, about their husbands behavior, about their children and there goes a whole list.

  • Your husband is tired and needs to rest, ‘oho yeh tou meri baat nahi suntay, mujhe time hy nahi detay’ (he never listens to me, he has no time for me)
  • Your boss in office refuses to promote you, ‘ discrimination ki hai, apne favorite ko promotion dia hai’. ( Boss has discriminately promoted his favorite employee)
  • You need to go to a function, ‘ koi kapra fit nahi araha kya pehnu? Mein itni moti kyu hun’ ( why am I so fat, nothing fits me)
  • You are back from someone’s home, ‘ yeh log tou kabhi b acha khana nahi khilatay, bs chai pe farig krdetay hain’ ( they never serve us a good meal and always bring in tea only).

How to Overcome Whining

You encounter many such situations on daily basis. But have you ever realized complaining about these things is useless. Perhaps one thing that can be done instead, is to stand for yourself. Face the situation and look out for possible solutions.

Dear Women - Stop Whining, Start Living

All the above mentioned situations have possible positive fixes, but the matter of the fact is we only complain and bother less to change or overcome it, which requires sincere efforts.

  • Like, a wife can let her husband rest, and engage herself in something productive by preparing his favorite meal and they can have tea together later in the evening.
  • An employee can concentrate better on work and show the results to the management.
  • Start working on your body, eat healthy, pray, live your life, enjoy the moment. Be confident about your bodies.
  • Stop going to someone’s place who doesn’t meet your expectations and have a good meal at your own place. Simple. 


Final Words: We are living in an era where a Women can excel in any field. Do anything she can. Why to complain then?. It’s time to remind ourselves of all the advantages, gains, and perks of being a modern women, yet we whine about the scarcity of joyous life.

Most of the time , people who complain, receive advises from well wishers but they ignore it for one reason or another and continue to complain. Don’t do that. We need to stop this. It’s not difficult. All it takes is to wind irrelevant whining into productive solution.

Dear Women - Stop Whining, Start Living

What I know, without a doubt, is how Strong, Capable, Dynamic Women are. So get up, focus on your strengths, do what you are good at, stand tall, uncoil yourself and change the situation. Come out of misery and whining and start to live your way. You deserve it.

Start Winning , not Whining… because it’s healthy for you 🙂


Are you a winner or a whiner? leave your feedback in comments below. 

  • Sindhu Adnan

    Much needed. Pakistani women resort themselves as victims in any and every situation. Most of it is only due to the culture we have inherited where we have always seen our females playing weak at all times.