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Copy/Cheating Culture in Pakistan – Producing Illiterate Degree Holders

Copy/Cheating Culture in Pakistan - Producing Illiterate Degree Holders

Pakistan, when it appeared on the world map was referred to as  “Land of Dreams”—not just because of the ideology behind its creation, but also because of the untiring work put out immediately by the masses and the leaders together, astonishing the world by its phenomenal growth, especially China, Korea and Singapore who decided to follow the footsteps of Pakistan and what happened later is history.

Pakistan’s education system prospered and produced top quality scientists, engineers and doctors, Pakistan was once used to be called as ‘Country of Doctors and Engineers’, royal families from around the world, especially those of Arab, African and South-east Asian countries used to send their youngsters to come and study in our schools, colleges and universities.

What happened then? Where did all the disillusionment begin? Why did all this positive images of Pakistan suddenly allow itself to flicker and burn out? Why did the education system collapsed? Why copy culture took over our education system?

This did not happened overnight, there are numerous reasons behind the rise of copy culture and failing education system in Pakistan, the system which started-of very well and produced gems in every field from science and technology to literature and poetry, when it was at peak, started getting deteriorated slowly.

Quality of teaching and teachers seems to be the main culprit behind this slump, developed countries have a system to produce quality teachers, teachers are produced and polished by a well defined and well thought process, having knowledge and imparting the knowledge are two different things, a learned scholar may not necessarily be a good teacher, until those individuals are trained to be competent and efficient teachers.

Copy/Cheating Culture in Pakistan - Producing Illiterate Degree Holders

Education system is based on the concept of examination, pass the exam and move to next level, it’s the teacher’s responsibility to prepare the student not only for academic exam, but for the exam of the life and for the race ahead, teachers should not only promote the culture of learning but also make their pupil realize the importance of being honest and sincere in getting quality education.

Students when not prepared for the exams, tend to find shortcuts to pass the exam giving way to the soaring copy/cheating culture, as failing in examination in our society comes with lot of humiliation not from the parents but from the society as well, resulting in losing importance of learning and self growth, rather the whole focus is to pass the exam and move to next grade.

Another compelling reason responsible for the rise of copy culture, is that the parents themselves do not take interest in daily life of their children, not all but most of the parents are clung to a traditional time table of school, tuition, homework and sleep, being ignorant about the problems faced by their children pertaining to studies, teachers or anything else, a problem if caught earlier can solve many of the potential future problems, no matter how good the school and teacher is, parents should remember the fact that education starts from home.

In order to foster a great society, with healthy and talented individuals both parents and teachers have to play their role equally , parents think that their job is over after paying a hefty tuition fee and teachers on the other hand are not interested in the educational upbringing of their students, as there is no system of stern check and balance.

Invigilation is also a prime factor which encourages the copy culture, of course there are some sincere and honest invigilators out there who are doing their duty with diligence, but sadly that’s not the case with majority, whatever the reasons may be but this also contributes to the destruction of whole concept of examination that students bring mobile phones, tablets, books, etc to the examination centers.

Copy/Cheating Culture in Pakistan - Producing Illiterate Degree Holders

Lack of state’s interest in education system has given birth to another factor, known as professional cheaters who in collusion with law and order enforcement agencies, will find ingenious ways to get a prospective exam candidate to pass through exams with flying colors, the service comes with a hefty fee and guaranteed results in exams.

Incidents reporting students running with books in their hands when vigilance teams strike, invigilators accepting bribes and impersonation of candidates have clearly made headlines in all major publications and media cells of Pakistan

Literate or Degree Holders?

A country that produced success stories in its diaspora all over the world in such a short space of time is a country worth working hard for, worth looking into. It is a promising country with a promising past and an equally promising future, if only we take the step.

The least that is needed is to recognize the significance of education and having an impeccable education system, the world has witnessed the rise of nations who truly realized the potential of having an excellent education system based on the pillars of honesty and merit, you can not make your mark in this fast moving world until you embrace advancement in education sector.

I wish to see the day when our country will be known for its commendable education system and not for its tendency to find shortcuts. With strong will and iron fist we have to eradicate this shameful copy culture, otherwise there will be an abundance of degree holders out there having no real knowledge and literacy.

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