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The Common Denominator Of Success – Another Perspective

at’s the common denominator of success? If you ask this question to ten different people from different walks of life, i’d bet you will get a volley of smattering answers like “work hard, follow your passion, discover yourself, be bold, be consistent etc.”. Let’s not deny the fact that these are true, but aren’t they too generalized answers ? Do they provide any useful or actionable advice?

Boiling down “success” to any particular single point seems a bit difficult when there are so many variables across the numerous professions out there in the challenging world, finding out the best one which holds true for all the situations is nearly impossible.

Albert E.N. Gray was a successful executive as well as a sales trainer/motivational speaker. After spending years traveling around the country, delivering speeches about the pursuit of success to professionals in the insurance sales industry, Albert realized that he HIMSELF was not aware of a single, constant ingredient in the recipe for success. So he sought to discover a secret that applied to every definition of success, and to every person that has ever achieved it.

Here is what he came up with:

“The common denominator of success — the secret of success of every man who has ever been successful — lies in the fact that he formed the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.”

The path to success is based on following the result oriented path, simply saying successful people are driven by the desire for pleasing RESULTS, whereas failures are driven by the desire for pleasing METHODS”

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The successful person is the one who is so goal oriented, that they are tough enough to put up with the difficult activities that are required for them to reach their goals.

We often see people who always complain about their jobs or their pay, but they don’t do anything else but complaining, this is because they somewhere in the corner of their minds have already accepted the situation and have learned to live with the way it is, rather complaining is an easy way out to pacify themselves.

“It is easier to adjust to the hardships of poor living than it is to adjust to making a better one”

It’s easier to settle for mediocrity and go through the same situation of degrading yourself everyday, on the contrary it takes a lot of courage to hunker down and say “i am going to change my circumstances no matter what”, now this relates to what we call failures fail to do . The hard road is expecting more out of yourself, and busting yourself to create a better life.

“Men form habits, and habits form futures…you are the kind of man you are because you have formed the habit of being that kind of man”

Let’s take a second and recapitulate all those past times you did in last couple of years, where you are today is a result of all those decisions you have taken so far, from very basic to big, your decisions decide your fate, like which job to accept, which city to live in etc.

Of course its very easy to do things of leisure in your spare time, after a long tiring day of work it’s very compelling to veg out and watch your favorite TV shows, but imagine if you used even half of that time everyday to teach yourself a new skill that would help you achieve what you actually wanted in life.


Conclusively , it’s all about our decisions and choices we make, in order to be successful, it’s vital to understand the importance of being successful and inspiring your peers, motivate yourself and develop a passion to take the harder path, adopt the habit of doing something that failures don’t like to do, success doesn’t come the easy way, all those accomplished people somehow blessed with the good fortune of enjoying these tedious activities, and not tempted by the easier, more comfortable, tastier alternatives? Not at all. They are just tough. And toughness is a choice.


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Inspired writing – Adapted from Albert E.N