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How To Be Your Boss’ Favorite – The Chit System

How To Be Your Boss’ Favorite - The Chit System

Ever wondered why an employee gets whatever he wants whether it’s leave, training, flexibility of timings, freedom of speech and thought and in some cases monetary benefit as well. While rest suffer the typical policy based treatment from the same boss?

Workplace is a place with very different dynamics, the reality is that everyone is fighting a battle, racing for success, growth, prosperity and financial uplift. It not only takes hard work, sincerity, devotion and attitude but a little trick and smartness is needed is well.

You have every reason to become the superstar at your workplace, your boss is the only individual who can help you grow in your career. They are ones who work in a number of ways to help you achieve success. Making your superiors happy is also a part of the job.

Actually, the reality of the workplace is that there are very few special passes. Yes, bosses are agreeable to giving their employee whatever they need, —but only after they have earned it with their performance and results.

Let me explain you how this works, earning by performance mean that it’s a game of time and the results you have delivered in past, bosses are humans too, they have the tendency to remember all the good and bad times they had with you in an employee-boss relationship.

When it comes to personal gains, the bosses always tend to prefer those who stood with them in tough times, all those late night calls, late sittings, out of the way favors etc., all gets paid off in this way, you need to understand the fact that it’s something not written somewhere in the company policy or HR brochure, but it’s all about give and take.

How To Be Your Boss’ Favorite - The Chit System

In fact, I would describe that this really works as an old-fashioned chit system. People with great performance and consistent positive results continue to impress their bosses and virtually  accumulate chits(in boss’ mind) , which can be traded in for flexibility. The more chits you have, the greater your opportunity to work when and where and how you want.

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Of course, i am not advocating that you should disturb your work-life balance, but performance and results is the currency that works, encash your chits as and when needed, develop a reputation of being reliable and trustworthy.

This doesn’t comes easily, you need to invest time and effort in it, for a recently employed person it is probably difficult to earn the same value compare to what a senior already has in the organization, asking for favors without earning chits will pigeonhole you as “just another average performing employee”

What does this mean for you? It means that as you think about the freedom and respect, know that to get it in most companies, you have to earn it. That process will take time.

One last thing to know about the chit system. To people just entering the workforce, it often seems unfair. Why, they wonder, do you have to wait to get the freedom and flexibility you want? But more experienced people tend to get it—in fact, many see the give-and-take of chits as perfectly equitable. Finally, bosses like it too. For them, it’s a win-win deal.

  • Parh Ja

    I don’t really agree with the writer. It seems to me that he is giving favor to bosses and not thinking about employees. When an employee joins the company he needs does not have any understanding of the company but boss almost always knows everything about it. So how can you expect a new entrant to make happy hungry boss that quickly ?

  • Waqqas

    I really don’t agree with it. You are favoring the big bellied bosses only…

    • Ammar Khalil

      So? Whats your job ? to favor your boss and ultimately favoring your company , thats what you are paid for.

  • Safa Danish

    But you should also consider the fact that your boss should be good enough to return favors, most of the time bosses are evil

  • Yasir Jawed

    My PoV:
    As far as i am concern to impress your boss is not a child’s play… its an “Art” and a composite of many factors I believe. Factors like type of organization you are working in, type of a person you are facing as a Boss along with your own strengths weakness and type of work you are engaged in. First you need to understand thst there is a differnece between a boss and a leader.. when you are dealing with a boss you have to understand there are many types of bosses some might like late sittings some might like to supress there subordinates some might be looking for power some might love good advices from you some might feel offended if you offer your advice some might just like to give orders… so first a person must do a self assessment of his boss because bosses get changed and you not only have to work for them but you also have to work with them.

    Things get realy wiered when at the end of the year appraisal comes in and your organization has some force appraisal mechanisim where all emoloyees cant get that “A” ranking despite of being equally good with the employee who gets the superior ranking and they just end up with a “B+” or a “B” just because you miss that sneaky part “Understand your Boss.”

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