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5 Tips of Persuasion – The art of influencing people

5 Tips of Persuasion - The art of influencing people

Have you ever realized the fact that babies are the best influencers? (Yes i would not talk about psychopaths here) , they are excellent at getting what they want or in other words they have the art of influencing people.

Influencing people around you, is a basic need, from direct sales to advertising to interviews, influence is everywhere. Influence, though, is an art, and one that needs to be understood.

But it’s not like one size fits all, the effectiveness of any influence technique can be situational, what works in one situation may not work in another. The good news is that considerable research has been conducted on influence.Here are five tips which will help you master the art of influencing people.

5 Tips of Persuasion - The art of influencing people

1- Give & Take

It’s obvious if you do a favor for someone, the person will be more willing to favor you in future if asked, this is known as the idea of ‘matching’ or ‘return back’.

Most people have the propensity to return favors, they don’t like to feel in debt to others, and will always try to balance the equation as and when needed.

Adam Grant in his book Give and Take shares research showing that people that “give” judiciously do better in the long run than those that consistently “take.”

2- Stay Consistent & Honor Your Commitment

Man of words are more worthy of earning the respect and trust compared to those who forget the importance of their own commitment, commitment defines your character, you have to build a strong character, that your word of mouth becomes a source of satisfaction and reliability to the people around you.

Secondly be consistent in your actions and commitments, build a reputation of fulfillment and being reliable,  people which are consistent are more trustworthy, leading others to lend their support more readily. Also, people have an innate pull to remain aligned with what they have said or agreed to previously.

5 Tips of Persuasion - The art of influencing people

3- Endorsement, Validity  & Likeness

People tend to trust those people easily who are endorsed publicly or validated by others, naturally we are inclined more towards the testimonials provided by others, lets take example of elections, public always make judgment on the basis of social proof and validation as done through past performance.

Use of “experts” , public opinions and doctors (think, “9 out of 10 doctors recommend…”) are all examples of using validation to influence others.

Endorsement and validation are also linked with likeness, like minded people are more attracted towards each other, Likability is so important that it can often tip the scales in influencing masses. If someone likes you they will be more inclined to say yes to you.

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4-  Power

Use of power to influence people is the most dangerous type of influence,  it’s something which gives instant results, but can be disastrous in long run, use of power will lead people around you to develop a syndrome of ‘externally submissive internally rebellious’.

Use of power, if not used diligently will take you nowhere, successful leaders in the world never used power to build influence, rather they built a foundation of relationship, mutual ownership and long term sustainable bond for collective growth

5 Tips of Persuasion - The art of influencing people

5- Fear

Act now before it’s too late”, “Time is running out” etc., these types of tag lines generate fear and urge people to respond immediately. People get influenced by fear, they immediately start their ‘What-If analysis’, leading them to take prompt actions.

Scarcity is way to make people believe that a product has limited supply and that they must buy right away. If you can create urgency around something, people will be more likely to act upon it or buy.


Try these techniques and let me know your feedback.